How to obtain a T-Mobile Signal Booster for Free

T-Mobile is the third largest carrier in the united states, and has some rather cool benefits that no other carrier comes close to. One of those offers they have is giving customers a T-Mobile Signal Booster free! If you’re someone who has T-Mobile you already know their service can sometimes be spotty in rural areas, or inside buildings.  These devices can help you with some of these places provided you meet a few requirements.

Is this “Booster” Right for You?

At this point the word free normally has people thinking it must be too good to be true. This isn’t entirely a false find though as it can work for many people and it is indeed free. The bad news is, calling it a booster is kind of a stretch, as it doesn’t actually boost normal signal from a tower, instead it creates a signal your phone can use. Then it routes all your calls through your homes internet. The word booster generally applies to a device that takes incoming signal, then rebroadcasts in in a stronger form, a real T Mobile signal booster which can be found by clicking the link is different.

Judging rather or not this free device is right for you means you must have home internet you don’t mind using. If your internet ever goes down, you will also lose all phone use until it’s back up. One downside to home internet is it does tend to go out, where a cell tower tends to stay up. You may also notice that when several people are on the internet at once, or watching movies online, it can slow down. Adding another person or four talking on their phones can also cause it to slow down. Sometimes this doesn’t matter, or isn’t noticeable, on a slow connection though it can be very annoying for other users.

The other major downside is, it’s not portable, you can’t take it with you in your car or truck. When you leave your home, the signal stays there and you won’t have service until you go somewhere else. If you enjoy streaming music it’ll just have to wait, or if you do a lot of country driving or driving in low signal areas. As you can imagine since it’s not good for a car, it’s also a no go for most people who travel in an RV, or live in an RV.

Alternatives to a Free Booster – Mobile?

While the alternative isn’t free it’s also got some nice pros to it. A product like a Weboost (formerly Wilson Electronics) T-Mobile cell phone booster can get you the best of both worlds to an extent. You can find a great run down on the best T-mobile versions in the link above. These have several pro’s and of course a couple cons like any product would have. They make a portable, and whole home version which work well but require a minor install on the portable version, and a little more in depth install for the whole home version. We have a nice read on the mobile install, and home install to clear up any concerns.

The mobile version is one of my favorites, I use it non stop in the car, and at work where I take it into my office daily. It offers a strong boost (varies on model) and is portable enough that I don’t mind switching is out daily. I personally prefer the Weboost 4G-M, or 4G-X model, I use the X daily but the M works for many, many people. They offer a big 50 Db gain on signal, and is quite a bit better than the smaller WeBoost 4G-S cradle version. The downside to these versions is cost, and how far away you can be from the indoor antenna. You get the most powerful signal the closer your phone is, after a few feet you lose all boost.

I use my almost exclusively to tether my tablet or laptop, so I sit the phone directly on the inside antenna to obtain maximum signal. If someone calls, I can use bluetooth, speaker phone, or the unadvisable which means holding the phone and antenna to your ear. I highly advise not doing that, speaker or bluetooth should work fine. Once I finish up at the office, I simply hook it back up in the car. I do have a spare antenna on the car, so I don’t need to run that wire. This can be used in the home, also, but it has a limited range of a few feet. It can be done though, and using bluetooth etc. can make it help a lot.

Alternatives to a Free Booster – Whole Home Booster

If you need a lot of coverage though, a whole home booster is needed, which you can’t take with you of course. A downside, but it can pull signal directly from the tower, where the free version can’t. The home version is very strong, stronger than the strongest mobile version. These require a bit of install work but any handyman could do it with some basic tools. This of course depends on how amazing you want the installation to be, I have used windows before as a temporary set up. I have also gone through walls, so it’s really up to you! These talk directly to your nearest tower, and have a good sized outdoor antenna to really pull in the signal from several miles away.

Unlike when they gave a T-Mobile signal booster free these devices don’t need your home internet. So all your  home internet can be dedicated to streaming HD movies, playing games, and listening to movies. The best part, if your internet goes down, you still have the phone to fall back on. This also helps if you lose power and have a generator, you can stay connected. If you have the mobile version above, you could also just go to your car, unless your way out in the boonies where only a home booster works.


All devices will work, but they work in different ways and fill different needs. As with anything you have pros and cons, it’s unfortunate we can’t have it all in a single package. If not for a possibly free option then the other two options would be a no brainer in my opinion but free is tempting. All you need to do to try to obtain a free T Mobile booster is give them a call and explain your situation. The device you’re looking for is sometimes called a microcell, network extender, or “booster”. We have a write up on them you can find here that may shine a little more light on it.