Do cell phone boosters workT Mobile Signal Booster for IPhone 7 and Newer:

T Mobile wasn’t lucky enough to get the original IPhone back in the early days, AT&T reaped the benefits of the surge in the sales for years. Apple had contracts with AT&T which is why no other carrier had the IPhone, some people believe this hurt apple. However as the years went on all carriers finally got their hands on the legendary phone. The biggest upside to the phone, besides being easy to operate is the signal. Apple phones are known for amazing signal reception vs other brands of phones. However signal isn’t everywhere and even though it’s unfortunate, you can always use a T Mobile IPhone signal booster  on occasion.

When we talk about a need for more signal, it’s generally in a location really far from a cell tower. That’s not always the case though believe it or not, some times it’s because of what surrounds us. Automobiles and our homes are built of various materials that block cell signal. Currently this is just the way it is there is a solution for both issues though in the form of different types of IPhone signal boosters. There is also a variety of options to meet your budget, and need for more signal.

T-Mobile IPhone Signal Booster for Cars:

Modern day cars can sometimes be a rolling house depending on what you buy. encased in layers of anything from carbon fiber to steel, it leaves a lot of things to block signal. Some cars even have sound deadening insulation that can block signal even worse. Occasionally you will find an automobile with a windshield containing a special coating that blocks the sun. These windshields work well but they also block all radio frequencies, such as a cell phone. You can imagine how this could create a rather large issue for most traveling.

T Mobile Iphone Signal Booster

Cradle Style Signal Boosters:

If you’re only needing a minor increase in signal, and are a solo phone user in the automobile, these work great. Not only do they bring the outside signal inside, but they also boost it, and re-broadcast it to your phone. In order for your phone to work with this style though it must be in the cradle. If you move it inches away it will no longer bring in the extra signal due to its low power use. It does work excellent though for a single user, who doesn’t need a ton of signal though.

As an added benefit you also get a free phone mount since the device itself is a phone mount. So if you haven’t purchased a phone mount yet then you won’t need to. It comes with a variety of supports to fit any size phone snugly, the only exception may be a giant phone such as the 5.7 inch (note) with a case. The note three fits in it fine without a case and it’s a larger phone.

The cradle style booster sports a USB plug for power which could be seen as a positive upside. You can power it anywhere there is a usb port, computers, wall outlets, cars, portable battery chargers etc. So this one is very portable and very adaptable to any use you may have. Just run the provided antenna outside onto something metal and you’re good to go. It generally provides a good 20 Db of signal gain which is a substantial amount of increased connection.

Box Signal Repeaters:

When it comes to a more box style repeater for cars, you have two options, the more extreme rural version, or the less extreme version. The Drive 4G-M and 4G-X have an incredible 50 Db increase in signal and boosts multiple phones at the same time. These also offer the ability to hold your phone and use it while getting an increase in signal. You can be three to five feet away from the internal antenna and still receive a signal increase. With any of these devices though the closer you are to the inside receiver the stronger the signal. This means that in really remote areas you might need to sit it directly onto the unit to get service. I then would use speaker phone or something similar.

T-Mobile Signal Booster for Home:

When we talk about a car we talk about a small area, a place where you don’t do much moving around. Maybe 15 square feet of overall requirement for signal. The introduction of a home creates a whole new need though. A normal American home can be anywhere from 700 to 5000 square feet on the large side. With most homes falling in the 1500 square feet range. This causes signal repeaters to fall with in use by square feet generally and is a pretty good indicator for daily use.

Signal Repeaters for small Homes:

If you live in a smaller place, than the Home 4G may be the one you need, it maxes out at 1,500 sq feet. It works the same way as the other ones we’ll list, it just doesn’t reach as far with LTE, or any other signal. It’s often recommended to only use this for one or two rooms. It also happens to be the cheapest one you can buy but it does make a difference in your signal. These are similar to install as the other versions below, it just requires a little less handy work for the internal unit, which is a small cylindrical shaped antenna. It can be placed on desks or anywhere else it’ll set.

Big Home Repeaters:

If you live in a larger home, or on extreme fringe areas for signal then you have two options. The Connect 4G and 4G-X, both are similar, one offers up to 5k feet coverage, and the other 7.5k. Unlike the unit above these two come with directional antennas that must be aimed specifically at a tower for the best signal. Sometimes these units are so powerful you need to turn the outdoor receiver away from the tower slightly. The install is much like the others, except the outdoor unit needs to be more pin point, and the indoor unit is larger. These normally get hung on a wall somewhere, or put in a place they can safely sit.


All of these units will greatly increase the signal for your T-Mobile IPhone (or any other carrier) with good results. Depending on which one you decide on will dictate how far each one will work. I tend to stay close to all my indoor units so I can maintain the best possible signal. Sometimes I will have to go further away but the extra signal is always nice. If you have an enclosed home with awful signal inside, but good signal outside. Then these units will work great for that.