Mobile Network Booster: The Best

Mobile network boosters have been around for several years now and many people depend on them for cellular data, and talk/text. The good news is that a single booster today can cover every single major carrier in the states. You can also have multiple users on the same booster so no need to buy multiples.

If you’re using Verizon, T mobile, or AT&T then a booster such as this will fit all your needs these mobile network boosters will greatly extend the range and usability of your cellular device, including hotspots. These can all be found here and should be very helpful.

One of the only caveats to getting a mobile network booster is with Sprint. Sprint has a certain 4G LTE frequency  which can’t be boosted currently. However all the other frequencies work as they said, this is unfortunate considering the one company that needs it the most has an issue with their frequency use.

Do I need internet for the booster:

The short and only answer to this is no, but to go into a bit more detail the devices which use your homes internet connection are not the same thing. When you buy a mobile network booster you’re literally taking the signal from the cell tower, and sending it back to the tower, no internet required. So you can be in your car, or at your home, it still works, and it will work great.

When can we expect new devices?

New devices for this area don’t come out very often, and that’s because cellular technologies take a long time to develop. Take the transition from 3G cellular data to 4G data, that took several years before 4G took over the entire 3G footprint. With newer technologies it will take even longer due to frequencies traveling shorter distances. This means we need substantially more cell towers around the USA.

When new technologies do hit though they’re vastly superior to the latter and offer incredible speeds compared to what we’re use to. Music, Videos, everything will load much faster, this doesn’t mean you won’t need a mobile network booster for newer technologies though, it’s quite the opposite. As we said earlier newer cellular inventions need more towers. So if we use the same amount of towers then we will ultimately have a smaller footprint than we did previously. This is where a booster can shine, you can be further away from the tower and still get signal.

Should I get one now?

I think if you need one now, it would be a fine time to get one, the prices have come down quite a bit and it will be years before a full 5G rollout if accomplished. This gives you a lot of time to use the product before the new (and expensive) 5G models hit the markets