Data Booster – When The  WeBoost Drive 4G-X Saves The Day

data booster

So it’s a beautiful day to have a data booster. You’re out in the middle of no where and you get a flat tire. Your first thought is, i’ll just change it here on the side of the road. This sounds like a good idea but when you get the spare tire from the trunk, you notice it too has gone flat. After years of sitting dormant, unfortunately. No problem you say, I will just call someone real quick. This is where you can often times run into issues. Several cell phone service providers (meaning the big four) have service in a lot of places. The largest carriers even have service in the middle of nowhere!  However when a time like this strikes, bad luck seems to rain in like a bad hurricane during your first cruise to the Bahama’s. A time like this a data booster could save the day.

This is where a modern day cell phone data booster, or amplifier in technical terms can save the day. Cellular boosters have been around for years, and one brand has stood out for the majority of those. That brand is Wilson Electronics, which fashionably renamed themselves to WeBoost. So you’re stuck on the side of the road, miles from cell service with no spare tire. With a proper cell phone data booster you can get service in some pretty tricky places. You can even increase data speeds when you’re on the go and can really boost upload speeds. You can check the price here for the device.


Weboost cellular data booster

The Savior

The Weboost Drive 4G-X is the king of mobile boosters, it flaunts an impressive 50db gain. Which just so happens to be the highest the law allows for a mobile unit. Most consider a perfect signal to be about -50db. When it comes to radio signals the closer to zero the rating is, the better. Most of the time you completely lose cell service at -110 to -120db. So in this example your at the maximum could go from no signal at -120db to great signal at -70. A more realistic -80 which is still extremely good for making calls and surfing YouTube or Netflix!




Can You Make Your Own Signal?

Stubby antenna weboostIt’s important to note that if there is genuinely no signal to be had, then
you can’t amplify the signal. However in my personal findings just because your phone is not picking up the signal, doesn’t mean there is not a signal there. When it comes to radio signals (cell phones) antenna’s are everything. You may not think your new smart phone has one, but they do, and it’s very small.

It’s blocked by glass, a case, maybe even a battery. One of the beautiful things about this Weboost 4G-X kit is it comes with an external antenna. This can mount with in about 10 feet of the booster. That’s 10 feet above your head, or outside your window, this can help signal greatly. Plus it’s a four inch antenna instead of that tiny one in your phone, which is good, but the optimal length for cellular signal is closer to four inches than it is “tiny” as we refer to the built in cellular antenna size.

What’s The Real Story?

So now that we have a general understanding and way more information than one can digest for a simple review we can get down to business on what comes in the box, you can see below you will get an external antenna, an internal candy bar antenna, 12V outlet plug with attached DC to DC converter (12v to 6V), one data booster (black brick), then you will get some odds and ends like warranty papers and a brief instruction manual.

weboost drive 4g-x 12v dc to dc inverter Indoor candy bar antenna Stubby cell phone antenna




Once you make sure everything arrived that you need which should only take about two minutes, we can start hooking this thing up! personally use mine in a heavily mobile set up, it comes with me in and out of the car all the time and is used several hours per week for cellular internet in fringe service areas. So I keep everything kind of loose so I can quickly put it in, or out of the car.


The install for the data booster will be pretty easy for most, you don’t even need any tools technically. However you may choose to use a crescent wrench to tighten the two connections.

I tend to have a layout in mind before I start installing a new device, make Antenna Connectorsure all your wires will reach where they need to go before bolting the unit down if you so chose to go that route, this will save you some headache in the short run, and the long run. After you have your layout start attaching everything onto its proper connections. Your antenna wire will go into the “antenna” side of the data booster, and the inside antenna will go on the other. Another easy way to figure out which side is what, the side with the power adapter plug is the antenna side. It’s possible to put the wrong antenna’s on the wrong threads on your amplifier, so be sure to read which one goes where.

Getting the Best Data Boost:

You have everything hooked up, the power is on, the phone is in your hand. You notice just a blip of better signal but nothing like we stated could happen. Considering we have a massive 50Db gain or even better a 65db gain with the connect 4G data booster to work with! The key here is to mount the inside antenna as close to where you normally use your phone as possible. Sitting the phone directly onto the inside antenna will yield the best boost.

In super fringe areas I have been known to even take the back off my phone to get it just a little closer to pull in a few extra Dbm. This can help go from 3G to 4G LTE data also in a pinch. Many phones today have non removable backs, but that’s OK because only in the very extreme cases that would ever been warranted. However felt the need to mention it for those die hard’s reading this!

I personally mount my inside antenna in or on my automobiles phone holder/mount. That way when I dock my phone it’s instantly in the best possible place. Calls are routed through blue tooth so I never have to move the phone from the data booster. As an experiment I did an experiment of me traveling the same exact route. I used the cell phone data booster for one trip, and not the next. while using my verizon signal booster I had 4G LTE substantially longer than normal, and never lost signal. I think you will find the comparison with the data booster very interesting and exciting.


The Weboost Drive 4G-X and other Weboost products can be found at this link.