The King just got better: Iphone Signal Booster 2017

iphone signal boosterYou have your new Iphone 7 or earlier model and notice the signals isn’t as good as your Iphone 6. If you’re looking for information on a new Iphone Signal booster in 2016 you’re in the right place. The Iphone itself may or may not be the issue. All cell phones have an internal antenna, some are better than others. An Iphone signal booster can increase the signal getting to the phone to allow for greater reliability.

I lose signal in my house:

This is an all too common occurrence, you walk into your house and 4G signal vanishes . The reason this happens can be caused by a number of factors. Generally though it’s the many layers of building materials on and in your home. The cell signal must pass through these to reach the tiny antenna in your phone. This can be the difference between a reliable signal, and losing signal completely.

No one else loses signal in my home?

It’s something that happens too often, two people, often times with the same carrier get different signals. As you can imagine not all phones use the same antenna manufacturers. This leads to several antenna brands in several types of phone. One may be better than the other, more optimized for a specific frequency in the area.

A great example of this happening is with Verizon XLTE. Verizon’s normal LTE signal (band 13) runs off the 700Mhz frequency. This lower frequency can penetrate walls very well vs a higher frequency. Mean while the XLTE (band 4) runs off a much higher 2100Mhz frequency. This has trouble penetrating walls and can be quite a nuisance if you’re on the edge of service.

If you go outside, you get band 4 XLTE speeds and everything works great. Then you go inside and it all goes south, slow data speed, dropped calls. However you’re still on XLTE, so things should be going fast! When you stepped into your home, you lost about half your signal to XLTE. Most phones favor the new frequencies and will hold onto them as long as they can. This can cause your friends older phone, who can’t use XLTE to stick on the normal LTE. Since they are using a lower frequency their signal strength stays much stronger. This allows their download and reliability to stay up to par.

In theory your phone should eventually switch back to regular LTE. However from personal experience it will constantly bounce from one to the other. This is quite the headache to say the least, and can drive a person borderline crazy. Other carriers have frequencies with similar frequencies, some higher than 2100Mhz mentioned above. These higher frequencies have severe troubling penetrating modern buildings. Often times an Iphone signal booster is required to use phones inside an office.

You may also notice as you move around your home, you may lose signal in certain areas. This again has to do with multiple walls blocking the signal. Sometimes just leaving a door open might give you enough signal to get by surprisingly enough. Areas of the home with more metal, or thicker walls tend to have trouble.

The Basement:

Basements are notorious for having a poor signal, an Iphone signal booster in a basement can solve this issue. Basements are nearly a worst case scenario for any radio frequency. Often times you have 10 foot of concrete and dirt surrounding it. This is the same building style a bomb proof bunker uses in the military. As you can imagine it’s not cell phone friendly. Some basements this isn’t a big deal, because people only keep random items down there.

However fully finished basements are often used by people to live in, or recreation. Nothing puts a hamper on going somewhere like a lack of cell service. A single Iphone signal booster can cover an entire basement with service. So the next time you have friends or family over, the basement could be utilized better,

Non Powered Boosters:

Years ago a “stick on” antenna appeared on TV talking about boosting signal by multiple bars. Sadly this device if you want to call it that was non powered and by most peoples standards, useless. All cell phone boosters that work well currently must be plugged into power. Non powered boosters can’t amplify the signal. They’re also apps you may seen on the app store that say they can boost signal. These apps may try to hit different towers, but do not boost signal so to speak like a standard one would.

IPhone Signal Booster for cars:

Luckily there are IPhone signal boosters for cars, with multiple options. A car body works much the same way as your home does. It blocks signal, you’re surrounded by metal object while in your car like walls in a home. IPhone signal boosters for car are slightly less powerful than a whole home, but still very useful. They’re main disadvantage is range of the indoor antenna. An in home booster can put out a signal for 1000+ sq feet. An in car option can only go a couple feet before all signal boost is lost.

Legally you can’t use  a whole home booster in a car, plus antenna separation would be a massive issue for the user. The car is so small the outside antenna and inside antenna would talk to each other. This is called oscillation and causes the booster to lower it’s own power.

So what do I Need to Solve my issue?

The biggest seller for a whole home booster in the WeBoost brand is generally the WeBoost Connect 4G. It covers a maximum area of around 5,000 sq ft. However a much lower area should be expected to maintain 4G LTE. The average size house would be a great fit for that booster. Some other options are the home 4G system which is good for a few rooms at most. We have a big write up comparing 4G cell phone boosters you may want to check out.

On the mobile side of things the WeBoost 4G-S is the cheapest, and weakest booster. It works well, but the phone must be sitting in it to work. the other, more robust option is the Drive 4g-M and 4G-X. We talk about these in our 4G cell phone booster comparison article as well.


If you’re looking for an IPhone signal booster then you can’t go wrong with any of the ones listed, we also have an in depth review and testing of the Drive 4G-X, and Connect 4G which you may find interesting, videos included. The IPhone has some of the best reception of any phone on the market, however even with its increased reception it can still lose signal. The devices listed above work just as good with the IPhone as it would with any other phone, quite possibly better due to the built in antenna being stronger.

A good tip when using phones with aluminum cases is to move the phone around the booster antenna if using a mobile installation. There may be a sweet spot where you get the absolute best signal. This occurs when matching the center of the indoor antenna to the location of your cell phones antenna. It generally only takes a moment and doesn’t require doing anything besides looking at the signal on your phone.