T-Mobile Signal BoosterT-Mobile has come a really long way in recent years expanding their network. They offer some crazy plans also, unlimited binge watching of netflix etc. this makes having a T-Mobile signal booster even more important. Boosting those data speeds even further so you can take full advantage. I suspect T-Mobile will continue to grow at a rapid pace if they can keep up. Using a T-Mobile signal booster will only decrease the gap between their coverage and the other big carriers.

  • Improved cellular reception
  • Buy once, no payments after purchase
  • Improved Data speeds
  • No internet connection required for service

Top T-Mobile, Mobile Signal booster :

Best Mobile Verizon Signal Boosters#1#2#3
Make & Model
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Drive 4G-X

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Drive 4G-M

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Drive 4G-S
Intended Mobile UseYesYesYes
Signal Boost50Db + Stronger ouput Signal50Db Gain23Db Gain
Rural CoverageYesYesNo - Urban

Best Home Verizon Signal Boosters#1#2#3
Make & Model
Buy WeBoost Connect 4G-X

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Buy Weboost Home 4G
Intended Home UseYesYesYes
Signal Boost70Db65Db Gain60Db Gain
Rural CoverageYesYesNo-Urban
Max Indoor Coverage7,500 Sq feet - Very large home5,000 Sq feet - Average home1,500 sq feet - 1 or two rooms

Mobile booster differences:

The table above should help you quickly narrow down which T-Mobile cell phone booster is right for you. Many people ask the difference between the Drive 4G-X and the 4G-M. The main difference here is the 4G-X has a little bit more power sending signal back to the tower. This can be useful if you need upload speed for YouTube or Facebook. This only speeds up the process if you’re putting videos or images onto the internet.

When watching videos, the speeds should be about the same for the two boosters. We have a very in depth Weboost Drive 4G-X review you may want to take a look at. This should help you decide which one you need to purchase.

If you noticed the 4G-S is a cradle style T-Mobile cell phone booster. This one yields a little bit less than half the power. Its two bigger brothers above are much stronger. However this one does well in many situations if you’re around a tower but just out of reach. Your phone also has to sit in the cradle to use it. This is a rather big drawback to the device I feel. However the other two devices above still need the phone with in a few feet of the internal antenna.

T-Mobile whole home boosters:

These can be higher in price than the smaller mobile T-Mobile cell phone boosters. However they cover far more area, and can pull in a signal from further away. The thing to watch out for with these is the maximum coverage advertised. They will indeed reach pretty far, but just like a cell tower, you lose signal. If you must have 4G then you need to stay somewhat close to the indoor antenna. As you move away you will go into 3G, then 1X. We have a Connect 4G review you may find interesting.

Hopefully you found this information helpful and to the point. I do highly recommend you look at our other articles as well. We go in depth with quite a lot of information, if you’re into that. Otherwise the information given here should give you a really easy choice on which one to purchase. All of them come with all required equipment. The whole home system may need a pole to mount to. As far as tools go it generally only takes normal hand tools or less to install.