Mobile Wilson cell phone booster installationHow To: Mobile Wilson Cell Phone Booster Installation

During this guide we will lead you through a mobile Wilson cell phone booster installation for a pain free install. If you have little knowledge with installs or boosters this guide will solve your issues. I’ll cover the easy  install, many folks can do it without any mishaps along the way. A mobile install is far easier than a home installation and can be done fairly quickly.


Mobile Wilson Cell Phone Booster Installation:

A mobile  Wilson cell phone booster Installation is much easier than your typical house install. The Mobile Wilson cell phone booster installation will only take a fraction of the time. It has far less challenges and things that can go wrong are greatly reduced. Kits are required to have everything needed for an install, so you won’t need to buy anything. This includes basic tools, you can use your hands for everything on a basic install. We choose to use a small wrench though to snug the fittings up, although hand tight would be fine temporarily.

Required Gear:

  • Mounting location for outside antenna
  • Mounting location for indoor antenna
  • Mounting location for the main unit


  • Adjustable Wrench
  • 3M Clear bra film (to protect paint, personal preference)
  • 12V outlet splitter to allow charging of devices while using booster
  • Phone mount
  • Spray bottle with soap and water







Getting started:

It’s important to go through your box of contents and ensure everything is included, this generally consists of a few primary items.

  • Main unit
  • Outdoor Antenna with attached cabling
  • Indoor candy bar antenna with attached cabling
  • Warranty sticker
  • 12V adapter with inverter
  • Documents

This is fairly universal unless you have a cradle booster. If you do have a cradle style booster they install with in just a few minutes and won’t come with a stand alone indoor antenna.

The install Prep Work:

This part is personal preference, I use 3M clear bra film anywhere I plan on mounting a magnet. This protects the car from scratches and it’s basically invisible unless it’s dirty around the edges. It’s also cheap and installs quickly with just soap and water.  Many high end sports cars have their entire bodies wrapped with it. You can also use it anywhere you expect the paint to be abused.

Unlike our Wilson cell phone booster installation home guide, you can be set up rather quickly without researching too much first. Instead of trying to find your tower, we can skip that part and just start putting things together. We’ll break this into three parts, Antenna mounting, and cradle installation which will only take a few minutes. Then we’ll move onto the Weboost 4G-M and X, including Wilson Electronics variations.

Cradle Antenna Installation:

The cradle style boosters only boost a single phone. Due to it’s low output signal you can mount the antenna nearly anywhere. Just ensure it’s on the outside of the automobile. So anywhere metallic that it sticks too should work great. Ensure there is at least a few inches of metal around the entire antenna where it sits. Most roofs have several feet of metal so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Cradle Mounting Area:
Once you have the outdoor antenna temporarily mounted, choose where your cradle will be mounted. These come with 3M VHB tape and stick to nearly anything. I prefer to mount them on or near the dash for easy access.

  1. Clean the area with soap and water, or alcohol to remove dirt and dust.
  2. Ensure your antenna and power cable will reach the mounting location.
  3. Peel tape backing from cradle mount.
  4. Apply mount to dash or mounting area.
  5. Attach phone holder,  12V power cord, and outdoor antenna cable to mount.
  6. Sit phone in cradle and enjoy a boosted signal.


4G-M & X Installation:

The first thing we should do is find where to mount everything. Installing the outside antenna for these two boosters (and Wilson Electronics equivalent) can take a few more minutes. Since the inside antenna broadcasts for several feet unlike the cradle. The issue we run into is oscillation. All this means is the inside antenna is being picked up by the outside antenna.

First we’ll do a mock install before permanently mounting anything:

  • Sit the outdoor antenna, inside antenna, Main unit, and power
    plug where you want them.
  • Plug power cord into 12V outlet, and into the main unit.
  • Screw the outdoor antenna onto “outside” side of booster, it’s labeled.
  • Screw indoor antenna onto “inside” side of booster
  • Turn power on and check for flashing lights.
  • If lights are flashing read below, if all are green skip ahead.img_3269


The best way to remedy flashing lights is to move the antennas further apart, or ensure the car blocks the two antennas from each other. A car without a sunroof should work well. If you do have a sun roof the antenna may need to be put onto the trunk area for maximum power.

It will still work with flashing lights:

If you do mount it too close, the booster will still work but with flashing lights. It will lower its own power and not be at optimal gain for signal boosting. So experiment with mounting locations till you no longer get flashing lights if possible.

If your phone will be sitting directly on the inside antenna using Velcro for example it will block the signal. This can often times fix the flashing light issue, but if the phone is moved it will start again. So the best thing to do is just space them apart or change the direction your inside antenna is pointed(left or right, up and down).

Final install:

Once you have any flashing light issues solved, it’s time for the final install. This mainly consists of hiding wires and adding 3M clear bra if you want to.

  • Hide all wires between seats, under plastic trim panels or under carpet (can be difficult).
  • Ensure wires are not being pinched too much in door jams, windows, or trunk lids.
  • Ensure inside antenna is mounted using the supplied Velcro
  • Check that the main unit is secure to avoid it moving when driving.

Wires can be hidden between front seat


Wire running from trunk area to inside cabin


Antenna wire running from outside of car, through trunnk

Cables running through trunk





3M Clear Bra Film instructions:

  1. First ensure your mounting location allows your cable to reach your booster location. It’s highly advise to keep a minimal amount of cable near your paint. When driving, wind can blow the cable around and rub the paint off, so be sure it’s secured.
  2. Cut film to the shape you prefer
  3. Clean area you wish to add film to on automobile with soap and water then dry area with towel.
  4. Use spray bottle with soapy water on mounting area again, do not dry area.
  5. Lay 3M film on area lightly so it floats on the soapy water.
  6. Once you have the film in the area you want it, take a flat object like a credit card and smooth it onto your car.
  7. Ensure all air bubbles and water are removed from under the film.
  8. let the film dry for an hour or longer.
  9. Once dry, you’re free to mount the antenna on it.

    Mobile wilson cell phone booster installation

    Outdoor antenna mounted on 3m Clear Bra film.


Our mobile Wilson cell phone booster installation guide will hopefully help you quickly install your new booster. The install should be fairly easy and headache free, I estimate it will only take an hour or so at the most. If everything goes right with your mobile Wilson cell phone booster installation you could complete it very quickly.