Over the last couple years T Mobile has rolled out several updates to their uncarrier program. This makes them known as the uncarrier T Mobile. It’s a great program but we hope to ensure you’re getting the most from T Mobile’s uncarrier program. In the early days they started off with just unlimited music streaming from certain services. The way they do this we believe is by having those providers pay T mobile in exchange for them to allow unlimited streaming on their network. This allows more people to use their services on the go, and gives an incentive for people to move to T Mobile over other carriers.

Unlimited Music Streaming:

Unlimited streaming of various music services was the beginning so to speak of the uncarrier movement. They already got rid of contracts which was a big deal, but not abnormal due to prepaid phones. Many people today use Spotify or Pandora for their streaming needs. I find the best time to use these forms of entertainment is while riding in the car. You get vastly less commercials and you get more music you enjoy. I often times even find new music that I didn’t know I would like otherwise.

The best part about these services is, they’re free or paid subscriptions. I find that the commercials are not intrusive like public radio, and are much shorter. As an example on Spotify, I can watch a 15 second commercial and get 30 minutes of music without any interruptions in between. It works out really nice, however there is limited skips available and you can’t do anything custom. It’s still a great alternative to regular radio, and if you really dislike the commercials or want extra features you can pay.

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Unlimited Video Streaming:

This one caught a lot of people off guard, when they finally offered unlimited video streaming. Video is notorious for using data allowances extremely quickly. Apps that use streaming video include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, FaceBook, and any other video service provider. The ability to use these without worry of data limits is a pretty big advantage over other carriers. Never having to worry about how much data you’re using while binge watching the latest episodes of your favorite show.

The only downside to this unlimited video streaming is that it’s only unlimited under certain circumstances unless you pay more. All video is limited to a resolution of 480p, the current maximum resolution generally produced it 1080p. So there is a substantial difference if you have a large screen (such as a TV) you’re watching it on. Where the future will take this with the newer 4K resolution television time only times. It will require vastly greater amounts of data than even 1080 currently does. Not to mention the ability to stream in 60 frames per second, vs the standard 30.

These will all become limited by the cellular networks until the newer 5G standards come out around 2020 or so. Until then I do believe you can pay extra to stream in HD instead of the lower 480p. It’s still a great alternative vs what everyone else is offering. It seems others offer so called unlimited items but they don’t really mean that, at least not the same as T Mobile. All other carriers minus verizon offer an unlimited plan in one form or another. However they will all throttle you down to borderline useless speeds after so much. This is where the uncarrier shines, the resolution will be lower on the normal plan, but you still get full speed data.

Free Stuff Every Week:

They did something rather interesting, you sign up for their app and every Tuesday, you get something. These items vary but a few I have seen are things like frosty’s or lyft credits. I believe some of the early ones, and possibly still going on now were a free pizza from a large chain pizza place. They tend to have various things from week to week, and most of the time they’re accessible to everyone. I have noticed one caveat to the whole deal, occasionally they will offer a large discount on something. However when you go to the place to pick it up, they bumped the price up, so you’re literally saving nothing.

This kind of retail price trickery has been around forever, even online stores do it. They will offer some impressive coupons of 50% off, but make it impossible to use as intended, or up the price of everything. This of course makes you save a minor amount of money, instead of the advertised 50%. Other times though prices remain the same, and you can get your free item, after all I don’t expect Wendy’s to price adjust nation wide over one promotion. So getting free stuff on tuesdays sounds pretty nice. Now you can use your T Mobile 4G LTE smart phone, and watch free movies, eat free pizza, and frosty’s. Not all in the same week of course, they change it up a lot so you never know!

Speed Up Your Data:

When the word unlimited is thrown around, so isspeed. Everyone offers some sort of so called unlimited plan, but then they shut you down to a snail pace. Hitting that imaginary limit isn’t an issue with T Mobile when using uncarrier apps. However if it’s unlimited why not make it faster, that’s where a T Mobile signal booster comes into play. These can make a weak signal into a strong, high speed signal for maximum data use. If you ever have buffering issues on videos, or music, then this can solve it.

If you prefer to stream music constantly in your car like I do, occasionally you hit dead zones. This isn’t a big deal but having your song stop playing in the middle is. It also means driving out into the country where cell towers are scarce, you’ll lose your internet radio. This by itself isn’t the end of the world, but when you go to public radio, you find out how many commercials exist.

Just to make matters worse, long road trips often have signal drop outs. During this time you may switch to public radio, and change the station every 15 minutes as you move through the area. Let alone the frustration of finding a station you like, you may like hip hop music, but the rural towns only like country music. A cell phone booster can greatly increase signal in your home, or your car letting you use even more data if you wish.

The Best of Both Worlds

The uncarrier offers a lot of amazing things, and it’s only getting better. However as they rapidly catch up to the other carriers ahead of them in coverage, a booster can greatly increase your coverage area. So you get a cheaper, better plan, but still get coverage in many places that you normally wouldn’t unless you had an expensive carrier. LTE signal boosters don’t have a monthly fee, and don’t requirement an internet connection like some other devices. These devices often times make your home internet perform poorly for others using it while you use it to talk. This could be the best of both worlds, great coverage, lower rates, and a more or less unlimited data use for the biggest data hogs.