unlimited data cell boosterFinally – The Unlimited Data Cell Booster

Everyone is bringing in these fancy new unlimited data plans, wait did I say new? I really meant old, several years old for that matter but we won’t get into that here. Several years now unlimited went the way of the T-Rex, gone forever. The recent happenings in the world though have brought on strong competition. It’s not exactly the perfect scenario but it’s much better than it originally was. You can get “unlimited” plans on any of the major carriers, with stipulations that you can read here. This brings in a new use for a device once only for the few that lived out of cell service range. I have deemed this the unlimited cell booster, while always unlimited to use the device, your data plan said otherwise.

What Changed:

Generally the only reason to buy such a device before was to gain signal, maybe go from no signal to 4G LTE in the middle of no where. This was enough for many folks, and people were almost always satisfied with results. With these new plans, there is a secondary benefit that everyone can use. What is this major benefit you may be asking, the answer is simple, speed. When you add an unlimited data cell booster you gain more signal, causing more speed. You could download twice as fast, taking full advantage of your newly found data.

What can I do with More Data Speed?

The answer is, the exact same thing you could do before, just way faster! A couple areas that are heavily noticeable is streaming video. You may have watched dozens of online videos this week alone. Some of them you may notice the quality wasn’t quite “good”, maybe on YouTube it was only in 480P resolution. Increased data rates would allow you to watch in full HD. You could even watch it in 4K resolution (2160P), the newest standard in HD. With your slower data, you could still do this, but it could take forever to buffer and load. With a cell booster it could bump your speeds enough to put you into the modern age for your viewing pleasure. 

General Web Browsing:

Most websites today are fairly well optimized, this means they account for slower speeds fairly well. Only a handful of websites may require high speed connections you don’t already have (if you have 4G LTE service). Out of everything we mention here, general web browsing will be the least noticeable improvement. This is due to the fact you’re not downloading any massive files, some pictures here and there etc. You should expect to see minimal to no change in your day to day browsing, such as email checking, unless you’re downloading big attachments.

Downloading Large Files:

Downloading large files may be the slowest part of any internet experience. Unlike YouTube you can’t view most files before they’re done downloading, where YouTube let’s you watch as it downloads. When increasing data speeds you can substantially lower the download time for files, such as game updates, entire movies that aren’t streamed, big images at high resolution, or picture intense scenarios. If you tether your phone these are even more pronounced, downloading entire Microsoft, Apple, or Linux updates quicker.


Chances are you’re not really sure what bandwidth is, and that’s OK I will explain it very simply. If your connection to the internet is a water pipe that is 5 inches around, and you’re the only one using it, you’re going to get a serious flow of water. That water is what we’ll call you’re data speed, and the pipe will be our bandwidth. So we have 5 inches of bandwidth to use, until your relative comes to visit and tries to take a shower while you do laundry. Now you’re working with 2.5 inches of water pipe each, slowing everyone down. This is what happens to your internet speed as multiple people get on the same connection. Allows yourself to have a larger pipe to begin with, allows everyone to use more without slowing down as much.

Get your Monies Worth:

These plans aren’t cheap, it only makes sense to use as much data as you need, increasing data rates can help this. With more bandwidth, faster video, file, and website downloads you can achieve this. It’s important to note that much like the water pipe we mentioned earlier, a cell tower works the same way just on a much larger scale. So needlessly using data when you don’t need it hurts everyone on the network. I would use some respect and only use it as you need it, for the sake of everyone else on the network.

So I just Get More Speed?

This is situational, more speed is a side effect of having better signal. You would also get increased call quality, less dropped calls, and just overall a better experience. All of these benefits existed before though, coupled with more speed. The issue that everyone had before and couldn’t be solved was their limited data plans, the chains are finally undone on all four carriers though. I have also known people to substitute getting a better provider and just using a booster all the time for lower rates. That’s up for debate though, is one has a bad network, you could turn it into a OK, or good network. If someone has the best network out there, you’re just going to make it even better with an unlimited data cell booster.

The Unseen Benefits:

Many people only think of how fast things will load, however there is a second half to this story. In today’s world people are constantly putting things onto the internet, Facebook, emails, videos, etc. unlike a computer that is plugged into power at an unlimited amount. This means it can freely use power to send and receive data without worry. The two biggest benefits a booster offers here is upload speed, and battery life. Upload speed is how fast you can put a file onto the internet (think videos, photos, etc.), a cell phone is a tiny device and only has so much output signal back to the tower to upload. A booster substantially increases upload power, increasing speeds (I routinely use my phone to upload video instead of my home internet).

The other benefit being battery life, if the phone must do more work, it’ll use more battery, in a low signal area, it must search for signal draining a battery much faster. Increased signal allows the battery to last longer in low signal areas, many don’t know this and it’s important to note. Many side benefits exist but these are a few no one ever thinks about or may not even notice. The battery drain issue can be far worse on some phones vs other phones also.



The new unlimited plans present us with a great opportunity, however we need to take advantage of it. Many of us may live in a city with cell towers everywhere and amazing coverage and speed, even in a house. Some folks don’t live in the city though, or they do and the cell service inside a home is just awful. This is generally due to building materials used in a house, and we do spend a lot of time in our homes. So unless you live in the city, and live outside then you should see some benefits from a product like the unlimited data booster. We have several reviews on which ones fit the needs of certain situations. You can get a mobile or home versions, with various types of each. Hopefully this information has helped you, we have loads of information about cell boosters here to help you find the right one.