The Best Portable Charger – Compact, High Power, Portability

There are literally thousands of different chargers to pick from. However not everyone portable charger is created equally and that’s what sets them apart from each other. A big comparison I like to show people is the provided usb charger with cheap phones. Yes it works, yes it charges, but it’s slow and often times not as reliable, or portable. This will tell you everything you need to know about chargers, and which portable charger is the best.

Depending how you look at it, basically every charger is at least mostly portable. The question is, do you need a small wall charger, or do you need a power bank to hold a charge for multiple devices. Power banks have come a long ways, the name brand versions can be very high capacity, and reliable. We can’t say the same for off brand variations, sometimes they’re OK, other times they can mislead you with inflated capacity sizes.

Regardless of what you’re looking for one of the many options below should suit you perfectly, just click the size you need and you should be good to go. If you have a lot of electronics to charge, go big, if you prefer packing light, choose a smaller option. Whatever one you choose it’s sure to charge up your gear and keep you going.

portable chargerAnker Power Core 10000 - Big Capacity, 10000 Mah USB Only10000 MahCheck Price
RavPower 27,000 Mah power bank, AC outlet, 100 watts maximum27,000 MahCheck Price
Anker Power Core, 3200 Mah capacity, lip stick sized, USB only3200 MahCheck Price
Anker AC wall Charger, 2.4 amps, two ports, foldable plugs2.4 ampsCheck Price
MaxBoost 12V adapter for cars, 2.4 amp charging, illuminated ports.2.4 ampsCheck Price

Best Portable Charger – Power Banks

portable charger

The Anker Power Core 1000 is a sophisticated portable charger for 2017 . It offers a lot of the higher end benefits without breaking the bank. Where it really shines apart from it’s capacity, is it’s overall portability. Often touted as one of the lightest power banks around, it’s also ultra compact. All this while allowing super fast charging for devices, so you can spend less time charging and more time going!

When we said ultra compact, we weren’t joking! With measurements of only 2.36 x 3.62 x 0.87 in, 6.4oz it packs the punch for multiple IPhone, or Android phone charges  with it’s super slim profile. The one downside I personally see with this device is the lack of a 110V power outlet. So if you want to charge up many laptops or anything with a 3-prong power plug you will need something else.

The fact it’s an ultra compact unit more than likely dictates if it has that extra outlet or not. The average user doesn’t need one for a normal outlet though, so this should work fine. If you do need a 3-prong outlet than one of the other choices may be better for you.

anker phone charger

If you’re looking for just a one charge item that’s similar in size to lipstick than this is the one for you. It only offers 3200 Mah of charge, but that’s enough for a single phone. This style is great for a day trip, or over night if you don’t have a wall plug near by. They outside case is made out of sturdy aluminum and is quite rigid for the average user.

It’s small size, low price, and rated battery capacity make it a great choice for many people just wanting a little power. It’s not quite as fancy as the others but sometimes you don’t need fancy. If charging times isn’t a big deal for you, or massive capacity than I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this one up in a second!

The big daddy in the portable charger world, a RavPower 27,000 Mah battery, with 100 watts maximum output. Depending on the size of the devices, this thing could power more than one laptop at a time. It offers substantial battery capacity for heavy users. This one is also larger in size, so you lose some portability but you gain extra ports, and more than double the capacity.

Sporting an AC outlet for laptops or any other devices that uses 100 watts or less (basically any portable personal electronic device), but it also has a new USB type C port for the newest phones of 2016 and 2017. An option not seen in basically every other charger currently on the market. A true power users power bank, not quite as portable as the others but it comes with more features.

This will charge anything you have normally, and still have lots of battery power left over. Multiple full laptop charges, and 5+ full charges on your normal cell phone. A true king in the world of power banks, while keeping itself portable enough for carrying with you assuming you’re not hiking where weight matters a lot.

Best Portable Charger – Wall Outlets & 12V Adapters

anker wall charger

Anker, if you haven’t noticed yet makes a lot of really good products. They’re one of the top makers for power related portable products. When it comes to wall plugs this is no different, this model has been upgraded from it’s previous style with improvements. It offers PowerIQ for various IPhones & Android based phones. This has the great benefit of very fast charging in an efficiency manner.

Unlike some other previous generations, these charger can supply 2.4 amps of power per port. So two devices can rapidly charge at the same time. If you want a comparison on the charge time difference, the standard cheapy charger provides just 0.5 amps of power. This little guy provides nearly five times the power, and can charge a phone very quickly vs a stock charger.

The only downside, if you want to call it that is it doesn’t support Qualcomm quick charging. A lot of the newer flagship phones have this feature, however they can still use this charger while on the go and charge quick enough for pretty much anyone. It’s a great charger for a low price, and Anker has an amazing reputation for these products.

So you have the best wall outlet, but what about when you’re in the car? I have had some junk car chargers in my day, which lead me to find a better one. Just like the wall outlets these offers substantial increase in amps to charge a battery much quicker. If you have ever used maps, bluetooth, and streaming music at the same time, the battery dies. It can pull so much power the battery dies while on the charger!

This charger solves that, you can run a ton of stuff on your phone and it’ll still charge up. Well built and illuminated light plugs allow for easy navigation in the dark. With all that charging power comes responsibility, and they have you covered there also with built in safety precautions to prevent over heating. It works with all the normal phone brands also, IPhone & Android, plus anything else that will fit under normal conditions.