The Best USB Hub 3.0 and Beyond

The USB Hub has been around for years, and has upgraded with the USB spec throughout those years. If you’re unsure what a USB Hub is, it’s a splitter for all those wires for your mouse, keyboard, headphones, etc. nearly everything. Most computers today come with a variety of ports to use, however somehow we still run out.

Running out of ports is overly frustrating considering how much those small ports play in our lives. However there is a fix that anyone can do quickly and easily. This is where the best USB hub comes into play, that’s not the name of a specific item, but a category of top rated gear. They’re not all created equal, and buying the wrong one could lead you to some hassle when using multiple devices.

The Best USB Hub – Portable

When we hear the word portable, we think small, light weight, flexible for our situation. The Plugable Rotating USB 3.0 Hub offers all of these benefits in one package. It’s certainly not the fanciest or largest USB Hub on our list, but it’s slim, and doesn’t require a secondary power source. When you’re on the road the last thing you need to do is add yet another charging cable.

It’s sleek silver color goes well with everything, and makes it easy to find when thrown in a bag. It also sports the newest USB 3.0 standard offering much faster data rates than previous generations. All this while maintaining compatibility with previous generations of course. So if you have an older USB based device then it should work just fine with this new hub.

Since this one is portable, it also rotates, so you can adjust it as needed. No more trying to jam your laptop into a small area only to have the flash drive block you. Even a worse case is tripping over the flash drive and breaking the USB port completely off. So many things can be avoided by just rotating the adapter, unfortunately many don’t come with this.

As with everything portable, it does lack some features you may want, such as separate power buttons per port. These are often not needed by many though and shouldn’t be an instant turnoff to the product. However the pros far outweigh the cons for the average user, not everyone needs dedicated power buttons after all.  You can check the price now.

The Best USB Hub – Middle of the Road

The Sabrent 4 port with a blue LED is a basic USB 3.0 adapter which should cover many of today’s typical uses. A no frills adapter with no power requirements, and four ports for expansion you can check the price today. It will take one of your computer’s built in ports of course. So you will lose one port on your computer, but gain them from the adapter.  As an added benefit to this small piece it also has separate power buttons on top so you can freely shut off certain items.

As with all USB devices you can use all previous versions of USB with this device, so no worries about losing your old mouse. It also comes in a seven port version which requires a second cord for power that is provided of course. If you need more plugs then this may be a great one to try out. However you may lose a little bit of portability which the smaller one offers due to it’s slightly slimmer size.

The Best USB Hub – Heavy Duty

If you’re a power user like me, you’re gonna need a ton of USB ports. Not only are you going to need a ton of them, you’re going to need power to all of them. Power to all of them at once, all the time, charging, transferring data, constantly being used. Maybe an occasional day when you need to shut power off to certain things at the port even.

So who has something that has a lot of ports, high speed data transfers, dedicated power supplied from the wall, and on/off switches? That answer is this beast, the Juiced Systems aluminum USB 3.0 Hub you can check the price here. Featuring an impressive ten USB 3.0 ports, LED lighting for power status and data use, and hot swappable.

With all that power being used, it might be a great idea to protect it. Luckily it has overcurrent and instant current protection built in. It has all the bells & whistles you will ever need, coupled with a rugged case, and protection you require. No drivers are required to use this product, nothing to download or install, just plug it in and use it!

Best USB Hub

What is USB 3.0 and do I need it?

USB 3.0 is the 3rd complete generation of the universal serial bus, each generation offers benefits over the others. The newest generation offers data transfer speeds several times quicker than the previous version. This mean that downloading anything to or from the USB port is much faster. However downloading is only half the equation for the newest spec, the other half is power.

Today’s devices use a lot of power, often times if you’re only using a single item then previous generations are OK. Your phone or device may charge slower, but it still goes pretty fast. With the newest version charging can be quicker, and where it really shines is the ability to charge several devices at once. With the extra power ability with 3.0 ports it allows more power to be used to charge more devices.

Does it work with my Computer, Phone, other device?

If your charger works with a standard USB port, then it’ll work with these hubs. All generations are backwards compatible with the others. This makes using all of your old devices nice and easy. Many times you won’t even need to install new software with total plug and play use.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of different devices using the USB port to work. This is the main reason people buy a splitter, they have way more devices than ports. Luckily with the newest upgrades to the splitters it can supply better power, and data transfer rates while in heavy use.

Wrapping Things Up:

Any of the above items will work to expand your arsenal of ports. However for very specific uses each fits a certain niche. It’s certainly nice having several extra places to plug phones, tablets, and even small laptops when you have company, or are just a very technological person.