Cell phone booster reviewToday’s world requires many of us to have a connection all hours of the day. This has been increased heavily due to work requirements and travel. Twenty years ago people received their schedules at the workplace. Today many people have their schedules emailed or texted to their phones. This among many other requirements have led people to need a reliable connection 100% of the time. Even the largest carriers have dead spots in coverage, this is where a cell phone booster review will shine.

A modern cell phone booster can give you miles of extra range, and a high speed data connection. Once a hot commodity in remote areas has become the norm thanks modern technology. With societies need to stay online a company has risen above the rest for getting you there. Weboost has been around for over a decade, before 4G existed, or 5G was ever heard of. They have been making quality boosters since then and continue today. They were previously known as Wilson Electronics but have since re-branded to Weboost. As you can imagine the We on Weboost most likely means Wilson Electronics.

We cover a variety of items in a cell phone review, this includes range, gain, and price. All three key factors to purchase and maintain signal in remote areas. Sometimes a person can get away with only spending $100 on a cellular booster. However for the more extreme user a high end unit may be required. These can come in around $500 depending on your situation. There are many below that price point that work very well though. A person who requires connection in the desert may opt for a stronger unit. While a person who drives mainly near cities  can use something else less powerful.

We hope that a cell phone booster review can help you pick the best unit for you. We have compiled a list of cell phone booster reviews below which you should find helpful.

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