Wilson Cell Phone booster – A New Look for Wilson Electronics!

Wilson cell phone boosterWilson Electronics recently re-branded their company as WeBoost. No need to worry though because they continue to make a great Wilson cell phone booster. They just use a new name and look now, which is not too bad in my opinion. You can find their entire line up of WeBoost products at here.


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Many of their new products are just a remake of an earlier Wilson cell phone booster. Some with a fresh coat of paint while others have become more main stream. Since the company renamed themselves we at Unboxed Reviews have done excessive research. During this research we found that the products seem to work the same as previous generations, and even have a comparison page for the newer boosters

We have an assortment of reviews on the newer equipment also. If you’re looking for a mobile booster or even an entire home booster they have the products you need. They also offer a great two year warranty on their products! You most likely won’t need to use it though due to their abnormally ridged build quality. Having owned several of their products now, I have called tech support a handful of times. Somehow they always manage to permanently fix my issue. Which is a little bit surprising to say the least, their techs are very knowledgeable.

I have a pretty good grasp on technology so when I call for help it’s generally bad. Something that I have noticed over the years is who answers the phones. I have never called them and had a non English person answer. This may seem like a minor detail, but it’s much easier to communicate. I never have trouble hearing them etc. when I call tech support for anything else, I am guaranteed someone from another country. Not with when I call for a Wilson cell phone booster though!

Wilson ElectronicsFAQ

Why did they change their name from Wilson Electronics?

I get this question a lot, the name change was to represent what they do as a company. So what do they do, as a company they say “We boost” cell phone signal! Ironically the We on Weboost could stand for Wilson Electronics. Companies change names for many reasons occasionally, so I can’t blame anyone for asking.

Where did the knobs go on the Wilson cell phone booster?
Another great question that is asked a lot. The earlier models of a Wilson cell phone booster had blue knobs to adjust the gain settings. These would need to be fine tuned every now and then to prevent over driving he tower. The newer models you may notice have zero knobs anymore! Everything they do is automatically adjusted inside the Wilson cell phone booster. This makes it much more user friendly and it should help with daily operations with absolutely zero maintenance.

How much power does it use?
Many of the newer boosters use around 6 watts of power, to put that in perspective. The power cost is equal to running a normal 60W light bulb 2 hours a day. It would take around $0.70 a month or so to power the entire booster 24 hours a day. So the power use is minimal, and works excellent for an RV situation.

Does it boost all signals?
All Weboost products boost all frequencies for all carriers minus one LTE signal from Sprint. However it will boost the other Sprint LTE frequencies.

Is the install hard?
The mobile versions have an extremely simple install, the whole home version is also simple but may require some drilling to run wires. You also need to mount an outside antenna, you can use a fence post, tv tower, etc. for this. It can be as nice or as easy as you want it to be.